My Home Income
You can join Home-Income-Team (H-I-T) completely FREE!

Stay with me for a few minutes, I just had to start out with the best part.

Now comes the hype, NOT SO.

Excellent tools to promote your favorite opportunity, downline building ( you join the program, promote it, gives to leads to email your offers to)in Dozens of Supported Programs, ( we only support programs all of us use),
effective lead capture (to get leads to sign-in so you won't spam), and splash pages,( a quick
overview for your program and a request for more information opt-in)  and a great forum
(someplace to review recommended programs and new additions)!

HIT is a learning and doing experience.  I can not promise you that everything will be done
for you, it won,t.  To take this ride you have to participate.  I guess you can say the where and
the what is provided for you.  The getting done is your part.

H-I-T has really worked wonders for me and will do the same for you.  That is a true
Statement.  I thought the way to get this to work would cost a lot of money.  However,
when I took time to look over Internet Business Tutorials(which is one of the programs we
recommend.  It started to make the techy part of doing this easy.  Creating a Blog, Uploading
Files to the Internet, Creating Website are all step by step tutorials for free.  I am not
promoting this to you, just telling you some of the free benefits that are here for you.

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